Day: April 13, 2020

Introduction to Strategy

Many IT organizations tend to ”do everything”. They act reactively to the business’s changes and the everyday operation largely consists of urgent measures at all

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IT Steering Group

An IT organization has no intrinsic value, rather its existence is justified by the fact that it makes the company’s operations more efficient. The IT

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IT Strategy Management

IT Strategy Management is the process which defines and administers the IT organization’s strategy for its services and the administration of these services. A service

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Customer Management

The IT organization needs to have a business-like relationship with the business to enable it to govern the delivery of IT services according to the

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Service Level Management

In order to ascertain whether the delivery of IT services to the business is satisfactory or unsatisfactory, the agreed levels must be defined and measured.

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Service Management Office

What distinguishes an effective group or organization from others is that it has a unity, a common approach and a common working methodology. The primary

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