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What distinguishes an effective group or organisation from others is that it has a unity, a common approach and a common working methodology. The primary aim of the Service Management Office function is to create and administer the common platform for the IT organisation as a whole, so that energy can be put into producing, instead of discussing who should do what and in which way it should be done.

The bigger the organisation, the greater the need for a common working methodology. It is very easy to build ”downpipes” or ”silos” in large organisations. In other words, departments which lock themselves operationally into their own part of the organisation without taking account of, or deriving benefit from, what other parts have already implemented. Such organisations often end up referring to or blaming mistakes on other parts of the organisation. Such behaviour is not effective.

A central function is needed to govern the working method, assist in dismantling walls and getting the IT organisation as a whole to work together. A fundamental requirement for this to succeed is that this function has the support of and mandate from the senior management within IT.


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