The IT organization’s purpose is to deliver IT services to the business. IT services are produced in the IT environment. Without a functional IT environment, no deliveries are made to the business and the value supplied by the IT organization disappears.

An example of a comparison outside the IT industry is a factory with a production line which supplies products that are sold to the customers. If the production line stops then there is nothing to sell and consequently no income. The production line is thus the most important thing that the factory has.

That is not to say that everyone who works in the factory is engaged in production. There is a research and development department which produces the next products to be manufactured. There is a department which constantly measures and follows up the production process in order to find improvements. There are sales and marketing personnel who ensure that the customers are satisfied and there is a management team which analyses the market to find the next long-term plan for the factory.

Regardless of role in the factory, all departments are engaged in ensuring that everything that emerges from the production process meets the customers’ demands. In the same way, all activities within an IT organization should have the aim of creating a more effective and qualitative IT environment, the content of which creates a value for the business.

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