Overall flow throughout the IT organization

Just as phases, functions and roles together form a whole, the processes are also linked together to form a larger flow throughout the IT organization. Few issues are implemented in just one specific process. The vast majority of issues are of such a nature that they affect several different processes and functions.

The picture shows how all processes and functions in the book have a dependence on each other at an overall level. The specific connection between each process and function is described in more detail in the respective chapter.

The strategic connection between the business’s management team and the IT organization is via the IT Steering Group function. Based on the goals and parameters that the business sets for the IT organization, the IT Steering Group is responsible for producing a strategy for IT and a service portfolio which describes which IT services are to be delivered at an overall level.

With the service portfolio as a starting point, the Service Management Office function describes the IT services which are to be offered to the business in a service catalogue. The business managers (customers) who subsequently use the IT services to make their activities more effective, communicate with the Customer Management function. The IT services and service levels that the customers want to have for their businesses are documented in agreements which subsequently govern activities and service levels in the business at operational level.

The production of IT services is governed by the Delivery Management function, which, with the assistance of suppliers if necessary, is responsible that the services are produced as effectively as possible. The function is responsible for the documentation of the services and for the changes that are to be deployed in the IT environment.

At operational level, the Service Desk function is responsible for all communication with the users. The function manages incidents which arise and orders which have to be executed, and also coordinates all other activities on an operational level which are performed by the resources within Technical Management and Application Management.

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