ITIL® as a framework of best practices for IT Service Management has become a de facto standard for how IT organizations throughout the world manage their delivery of IT services. It is a framework that has to be interpreted, understood and above all adapted in order to work. Many of the IT organizations that I have encountered during my years as a consultant have unfortunately found it difficult to adapt IT Service Management as a practice. Regardless the size of the organization, they experienced the same challenges.

That was where the idea emerged to try and describe IT Service Management in a way that was easier to assimilate. To start from the roles and groupings which already are in an IT organization and make a ready-made adaptation of the framework which works for most IT organizations.

My hope is that you will gain an understanding of how an IT organization can work on delivery of IT services. And if, moreover, this book can help you to create more order or become more efficient in your IT organization, then I will have achieved my goal.


Pelle Råstock
Founder of OpenTRIM